About Us

Working on an idea from Lydia Hall British Master winner 2012, Sybil Fowler our Chief Executive spotted a great opportunity to develop a fundraising program for the golf fraternity and created Pars4Prostate, a lifelong quest.

We  looked at all the great charities and the fabulous events  that they all run, and had the inspiration to create something specifically tailored for Male  Golfers, with birdies being an integral part of a game of golf creating Pars4Prostate was an obvious choice.

We have a strong and diverse team spread across the UK and Europe to support our fundraising activities with several members having had their own Cancer experiences, so have the valuable first hand knowledge, and more importantly have the energy and desire to make this a success.

The Pars4Prostate team are :

Sybil Fowler – Chief Executive
Treasurer – Kay Baber


Judith Allebon
Fran Aherne
Jane Yallop – Webmaster
Paul Williams
Russell Grahame

Under UK Charity law we will apply for official charity registration as soon as we have raise the required £5,000

Our Patron`s

Lydia Hall -British Master winner 2012

Lydia is already committed in raising money for cancer charities, and is one of the sports ambassadors for Velindre Cancer Centre Fundraising Team who are based in Cardiff. So it`s fantastic that she is also working with us.


Tony Westwood - http://westwoodgolf.co.uk/

Tony Westwood

Tony Westwood started playing golf at the age of 4 and has played and coached golf internationally since 1985. From a youngster he has always been interested in learning and skill development and golf proved to be the perfect discipline for him to explore and discover what is possible.

His studies in a variety of fields have led to the creation of Mind Fit Golf a process that is changing the way golfers play, learn and understand their golf.

Since 2011 he has compered the London, National and Manchester Golf Shows for the Golf Show Group and audiences have loved his refreshing approach.

We are delighted that Tony has agreed to be one of our Patron`s, and will be working with us to create the awareness of our charity.

Playing Golf, Raising Money, Having fun – The perfect combination!